SST Pure by JD’s Clubs

SST Pure by JD’s Clubs

SST PureThe truth is, golf shafts are not perfectly straight or perfectly round. This is the reason why the shaft you buy at a local store or online might not give the optimum performance you desire. In fact, recent analyses have shown that irregularities in shaft’s structure cause off-line bending and twisting during golf swing. Such issues can be addressed with customization, which includes alignment, and we, here at JD’s Club, are always ready to help – for you to have a more defined shaft, engineered perfectly, aimed at achieving best performance.

Through SST PURE® Shaft Alignment Technology, we are capable of augmenting the design of your shaft to address the above-mentioned issue. This technology enables us to address irregularities in your shaft’s structure; it is capable of analyzing the structure of any golf shaft and identifying their most stable bending plane aka Neutral-Axis™. As a result, you’ll have a shaft with improved consistency – from club to club within your set, and set to set within your brand.

As always, JD’s Clubs’s primary goal is to provide you, our clients, the best golf club customization and other related services that the industry can offer. We have partnered with a number of reputable names and brands in the industry to keep giving you the best that we can offer. Through one of our many partners, the SST PURE ® system will help deliver the kind of shaft you deserve for best golfing experience – be it for an amateur game or a professional tournament.

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