Mitsubishi Chemical Fubuki V Series Graphite Golf Shaft


Purchase price includes trim and grip service, along with fitting the shaft with the sleeve adapters available below.



FUBUKI™ continues to be our proving ground for disruptive, category changing ideas. The FUBUKI™ V-Series features P.N.C. Stainless Steel Mesh Technology, in addition to our newest innovation – Impact Stabilization Technology (I.S.T.). I.S.T. utilizes variable material stiffness in the lower third of the shaft to minimize unwanted “lag” and “rebound”, to deliver more control and efficient power transfer through impact.

Specs on the Fubuki V:

Shaft Weight Torque Launch Spin
V 40 LITE 47 7.4 Mid Low
V 40R 48 7.1 Mid Low
V 40S 52 6.9 Mid Low
V 50R 54 5.7 Mid Low
V 50S 58 5.5 Mid Low
V 50X 61 5.4 Mid Low
V 60S 65 4.9 Mid Low
V 60X 68 4.8 Mid Low
V 70S 74 3.8 Mid Low
V 70X 76 3.7 Mid Low

Additional information

Shaft Flex

40 LITE, 40R, 40S, 50R, 50S, 50X, 60S, 60X, 70S, 70X

Playing Length

44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"

Grip Choice

BCT Cord, New Decade White/Black, New Decade White/Black MIDSIZE, Tour Wrap 2G White, Tour Wrap 2G White MIDSIZE, Tour Velvet 360, Tour Velvet MIDSIZE, MCC+4 Gray, MCC+4 Gray MID, Winn DriTac, Winn DriTac MID

Grip Wraps

Standard, 2 Wraps (+1), 3 Wraps (+2), 4 Wraps (+3)

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