Graphite Design Tour AD VR Series Graphite Golf Shaft


Purchase price includes trim and grip service, along with fitting the shaft with the sleeve adapters available below.



Brand new for the 2019 season, Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD VR – designed to “Vanquish all Rivals”. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD VR wood shafts are dark blue with white and silver accents and are finished with a matte clear coat. The Tour AD VR shafts are available in 40g R2, R1 and S flex, 50g R2, R1, S and X flex, 60g SR, S and X flex, 70g S and X flex and 80g S and X flex. The Tour AD VR, like the other premium Tour AD wood shafts, utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber materials and it has a slightly higher balance point than the other current Tour AD wood shaft profiles. The Tour AD VR shaft also utilizes FTT – Fast Taper Technology, which incorporates a faster taper rate from the grip to the lower mid-section of the shaft, providing the overall feeling of greater club head control at impact and an increase in club head speed The Tour AD VR shaft profile is firm to stiff starting at the handle, medium/firm in the center section and has a firm tip to promote a mid/high launch angle and low ball spin rates. The Tour AD VR also utilizes TORAYCA® T1100G carbon-fiber prepreg with NANOALLOY® technology in the tip section of the shaft for additional shaft stability, exceptional feel and precise ball control. See a Graphite Design authorized Golf Club Fitting professional and come to the tee box ready with your new Tour AD VR wood shaft and “Vanquish all Rivals” from tee to green.

Shaft Weight Torque Launch Spin
VR 4R2 Lite/Senior 46 5.7 Mid/High Low
VR 4R1 Regular 47 5.6 Mid/High Low
VR 4S Stiff 47 5.6 Mid/High Low
VR 5R2 Lite/Senior 54 4.5 Mid/High Low
VR 5R1 Regular 56 4.5 Mid/High Low
VR 5S Stiff 57 4.5 Mid/High Low
VR 5X X-Stiff 60 4.5 Mid/High Low
VR 6SR Stiff/Regular 63 3.2 Mid/High Low
VR 6S Stiff 65 3.2 Mid/High Low
VR 6X X-Stiff 66 3.2 Mid/High Low
VR 7S Stiff 73 3.0 Mid/High Low
VR 7X X-Stiff 75 3.0 Mid/High Low
VR 8S Stiff 85 2.6 Mid/High Low
VR 8X X-Stiff 86 2.6 Mid/High Low

Additional information

Shaft Flex

VR 4R2, VR 4R1, VR 4S, VR 5R2, VR 5R1, VR 5S, VR 5X, VR 6SR, VR 6S, VR 6X, VR 7S, VR 7X, VR 8S, VR 8X

Sleeve Adapter

Callaway Epic/Rogue/Epic Flash Driver, Cobra King/F9, Ping G/G400, Ping G410, Srixon Z, Taylormade M3/M4/M5/M6, Titleist 917/915/TS2/TS3, PXG, Mizuno JPX

Playing Length

44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"

Grip Choice

BCT Cord, New Decade White/Black, New Decade White/Black MIDSIZE, Tour Wrap 2G White, Tour Wrap 2G White MIDSIZE, Tour Velvet 360, Tour Velvet MIDSIZE, MCC+4 Gray, MCC+4 Gray MID, Winn DriTac, Winn DriTac MID

Grip Wraps

Standard, 2 Wraps (+1), 3 Wraps (+2), 4 Wraps (+3)

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