Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver: Custom Level 1


The Ultimate Formula for Speed.
The KING F9 SPEEDBACK driver is the first of its kind to achieve true optimization of aerodynamics combined with a low center of gravity, making it the fastest and longest COBRA driver ever.



Speedback Aero Design.
SPEEDBACK Technology delivers our most aerodynamic clubhead shape and is the first to combine a raised skirt, raised tail/aft, a raised & rounded crown, and a rounded frontal perimeter that reduce drag for maximum club speed.

Optimized Aero and Low CG.
The addition of a low, SPEEDBACK weight structure maintains a low, deep CG that has never before been combined with efficient aerodynamics. Without it, the raised aerodynamic features (skirt, tail/aft & crown) would raise the CG, negatively impacting spin and launch.

Precision CNC milled face.
In an industry where everyone claims to have a fast face, ours is the only one that’s CNC milled. To achieve optimal performance, utilizing the most precise manufacturing processes is critical. A process that is five times more precise than conventional hand polished drivers, CNC milling delivers our thinnest, hottest face repeatedly on every driver we manufacture.

Golf’s first ultralight carbon wrap crown.
Continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, COBRA engineers have created golf’s first-ever carbon fiber wrap crown design that wraps around the body, delivering a 12% larger carbon fiber area that saves 10 grams compared to titanium driver crowns.


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Yellow, Avalanche


9.0, 10.5


Right Hand

Shaft | Flex

Fujikura Vista Pro 65R, Fujikura Vista Pro 65S, Fujikura Pro 2.0 5R, Fujikura Pro 2.0 5S, Fujikura Pro 2.0 6S, Fujikura Pro 2.0 6X, Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6S, Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6X, Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7S, Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 7X, Fujikura Atmos TS Red 6S, Fujikura Atmos TS Red 6X, Fujikura Atmos TS Red 7S, Fujikura Atmos TS Red 7X, Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6S, Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6X, Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 7S, Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 7X, Fujikura Atmos TS Black 6S, Fujikura Atmos TS Black 6X, Fujikura Atmos TS Black 7S, Fujikura Atmos TS Black 7X, Tensei CK Blue 60S, Tensei CK Blue 60X, Veylix Alpina Silver 573R, Veylix Alpina Silver 573S, Veylix Alpina Silver 673R, Veylix Alpina Silver 673S, Tour AD MAD 55R, Tour AD MAD 55S, Tour AD MAD 65R, Tour AD MAD 65S

Playing Length

43.5", 43.75", 44", 44.25", 44.5", 44.75", 45", 45.25", 45.5", 45.75", 46"

Grip Choice

Tour Velvet 360, Tour Velvet MID, New Decade White/Black, New Decade White/Black MID, New Decade Black/Black, MCC+4 Gray, MCC+4 MID, BCT Cord, Z Cord, Tour Wrap 2G White, Tour Wrap 2G White MID, Winn DriTac STD, Winn DriTac MID, Arccos Cobra Connect

Grip Wraps

Standard, 2 Wraps (+1), 3 Wraps (+2), 4 Wraps (+3)

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