Black Friday Sale: Custom ALL BLACK Cobra King LTD Driver with Project X HZRDUS Black Shaft – $250 plus free shipping

For those who have been following us, you know that we offer special deals on golf products (big discounts on drivers, shafts, and more!) every now and then here at JD’s Clubs. It’s one of our ways of giving back most especially to our customers who have been loyal throughout the years. Yes, great deals await you this holiday season!

So, what’s this “something special” we have in store for you? We are excited to announce that we are offering yet another great deal this coming Black Friday. So, keep following us on our social media accounts for the latest announcement.

(For those who are new to our site, here’s our social media account: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram.)

More details on our Black Friday Sale

We are going to offer a “Black” Cobra King LTD, with HZRDUZ “Black” shaft at a GREAT price. We cannot divulge yet the price specifics / discounts, so, again, watch out for our updates/new announcement on our social media accounts. Of course, don’t forget to visit our website again on Black Friday as we post the item deals. Please note, however, that we will only have 12 of these for the deal; in other words, they are limited. But who knows? You could be one of the 12 lucky customers.

To learn more about these items, visit the following pages:

Again, follow us on our social media accounts for the latest updates and instructions on how you could get these deals. 🙂

If you have other inquiries on this Black Friday deal, and on other items for sale at JD’s Clubs, don’t hesitate to contact us at (763) 458-4318 or send us an email at

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